National Spice Conference 2023

Theme: Food Safe Spices- The Way Forward to a Stable & Sustainable Income

World Spice Organisation continues its unrelenting stride towards food safety, quality and sustainability with the second edition of National Spice Conference. Resuming from the conclusions drawn at last NSC, this year we focus on positive impacts of food safety on income and profit to the unheralded farming community.

Keeping food safe is a complex process that starts on the farm and ends with the consumer. NSC-2023 will cover all nodes and aspects of the spice supply chain, thereby providing a unique, 360° vision on food safety. Effective food safety and quality control systems are key, not only to safeguard the health and well-being of people, but also to foster economic development and improve livelihoods by broadening access to regional and international markets.

In addition to negative effects to animal and human health, food contamination can lead to large economic losses related to production and trade in case of recalls or food safety incidents. On the other hand, products confirming to food safety and quality norms are constantly in high demand in the country. GAP/ Organic Certified products also fetch superior prices. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that both the agro-food industry, including farmers, producers and retailers, and international authorities assure that only safe food is placed on the market.

National Spice Conference 2023 will discuss the aspects of Increasing income through sustainable agriculture practices and modern technology, Upcoming regulations and Market requirements.